Twitter Continues to Expand Their List of Companies to Receive a “Certified Product” Stamp of Approval

It seems that Twitter is expanding their list of partners to their Certified Products Program. Twitter initially gave the TCPP stamp of approval to 12 companies so far.

Two of the companies that have been given the stamp of approval deal with helping businesses get the most out of Twitter. One company focuses on helping measure their Twitter activity while the other helps engage with their Twitter followers more effectively. Some of the companies that made it on the second list of approvals include Adobe, Percolate, and Sprout Social.

The pattern here is that Twitter wants to give out their TCPP stamp of approval to businesses that are using their data and making it useful to Twitter users. Twitter wants to support innovation whether it’s a developer that is creating tools to help people buy Twitter followers and track the cost effectiveness of their investment, or tools to help publishers manage multiple accounts efficiently.

The bigger picture here is that Twitter is telling developers that they want to reward them for providing their community with value. The products they’ve approved are the kind of things that they want developers to work on. They want applications that help businesses manage their accounts, conduct market research, track the effectiveness of their tweets, and more.

These tools will be helpful to Twitter’s economy, which is filled with businesses that are trying to use the social media platform and use the data to their advantage. Twitter is however against third-party Twitter clients like Tweetbot. They do not want developers to copy or reproduce the primary Twitter experience. Not following their guidelines will prevent companies from being able to access their API.

Twitter is putting Zach Hofer-Shall to headline the Certified Products Program. He’ll be overlooking the requests from developers to get Twitter’s approval. It’s easy to see that getting the approval from Twitter could mean big profits for developers. Developers will want to focus on bringing innovation while also following Twitter’s guidelines.

You can keep track of the latest companies that are added to the program by visiting Twitter’s official blog.

How To Use Twitter Effectively To Promote Your Brand

Social Media has become a tremendously important medium for marketing in the last few years. The power of social media marketing is unparalleled, and not to be overlooked by anyone trying to push a product or brand to the general public. Twitter is just one of many social media tools, but one that should not be overlooked by any means. When used in combination with popular online services such as, your fame and followers on twitter can grow tremendously. The number of regular users on Twitter is astounding, and should be taken into consideration when trying to market anything to the public eye.

Making a Twitter account is fairly simple and customization is a breeze as well. After the account is active, marketing is just a click away. “Tweeting” about your brand is as easy as telling your twitter followers where to go to view it, whether it be a website or physical location. The trouble that most first time Twitter users run into is finding those followers to speak out to in order to get people looking at the product. Although the product or service you are offering is far more important than having masses of people following you there are many ways to get followers on Twitter so you can start seeing the difference in views. By using other sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc, you can attract people to your Twitter page and get them to start following you there. Another way is actually physically putting marketing tools out there to get people interested. Signs, flyers, etc. bring people in just as well as it used to and can grab someone’s attention if placed correctly.

There is always the option of buying twitter followers as well. If you buy twitter followers, there are a couple ways to do it. You can get a general population type following, where they send you tons of followers that may or may not like what you are offering to sell. There are also certain sites that will actually make sure the followers are in your “niche” so they are more likely to be interested in your brand and not just be there for the substance factor. Once again, it’s not getting the followers as much as it is getting the product out and letting people decide for themselves based on what you have to offer.